Fundamentals of Biochemistry, J.L.Jain

Fundamentals of Biochemistry, J.L.Jain

Fundamentals of Biochemistry, J.L.Jain


Fundamentals of Biochemistry, J.L.Jain

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At the outset, the senior author of the book welcomes his two sons, Dr. Sunjay Jain and Er. Nitin Jain who have joined me as coauthors of this text, a credit which would have been given earlier to them as they were helping in a latent way in the evolution of the book for the past many years.

Thirty two years have elapsed since one of us (JLJ) embarked on the intellectual journey of writing a textbook of Biochemistry. As Biochemistry is growing at a dazzling pace, each edition has been demanding in a different way. In this latest 6th edition, the book has been thoroughly revised, enlarged and updated with not even a single chapter left untouched. Besides, one new chapter Genetic Code has been interpolated to enhance the scope and utility of the book. Addition of two new appendices is an added charm of the book : one is ‘ The Nobel Prizes ’, the world’s most venerated awards and the other is an exhaustive and highly explanatory Glossary, containing about 1700 words, along with etymology of many of them. Above and over all, this time the book has been presented in multicolour edition with profuse colour illustrations so as to increase its clarity, understandability and legibility, especially of the diagrams.

It is hoped that the present book, in its revised and enlarged multicolour form, would serve in a still better way, the authors are keenly desirous of.

Gratitude is expressed to the students and teachers, both from India and abroad, who have sent in their valuable suggestions which have been given due consideration. We are sincerely thankful to our publishers, specially to Shri RavindraKumar Gupta, the Managing Director of the firm, for his wholehearted cooperation and goodwill gesture accorded to.The entire staff of the firm deserves appreciation for their unflinching support during the gestation period of this book. We are also deeply indebted to our own Mrs. Mithlesh K. Jain M.A., for her sustained support of this endeavour from its inception; her wisdom has made all the difference. In fact, we are grateful to our whole family for their patience, buoyancy and encouragement of this venture which was more arduous than anticipated.


Fundamentals of Biochemistry, J.L.Jain

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